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Cell Phone Tracker Guide – How To Track A Phone

Don’t be stupid about protecting your smart phone, make sure to look into a phone tracker to save time and money in the future.

Let’s describe a scene that should be familiar to many readers. It’s early in the morning and you’re running late. After spilling coffee all over yourself and changing twice, the bus has definitely left already. Falling back on the last resort, you decide to call an Uber but… where’s your phone tracker?

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What to do when your phone goes missing

Today, so much of our daily routine relies upon smart phones or phone tracker apps. When we are suddenly left to fend for ourselves, without the help of ride hailing services or GPS, it can be paralyzing.

How many times have you been running out the door only to realize your phone isn’t with you? Even worse, have you ever woken up to realize your phone didn’t make it home with you last night? I thought so. These daily frustrations are not only routine for billions of phone owners across the world, they are an inevitable and unfortunate part of modern life.

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Users (We stop at 1.000.000!)

Thankfully, the technology that has put the world at our fingertips through smartphones has also made it easier to find these irreplaceable but easily misplaced items when they are lost by creating cell phone trackers.

The original phone tracker was asking someone call it or using a different phone to make it ring in the hopes of locating it. When this failed, you were often out of luck. Today, most smartphones have built in features allowing owners to track a phone using options like track phone number usage. There are also hundreds of apps that provide this valuable service.

How to track phone location

One of the most common is “Find My Iphone” a service that comes standard on all Apple products. On most new models, it shows up among the collection of apps called “extras” and it also syncs with your computer, the importance of which will soon become clear if it is not already.

One of the principle difficulties with any cell phone tracker is that whenever an owner loses a phone, they need another device to help them find the original object that was lost. Not only does this create the inconvenience of having to carry an extra device but it also opens up further problems: what happens if you lose the tracker?

Because Apple products are synchronized across devices and information can be saved in the iCoud, the company has solved the extra device problem. Now, by purchasing an Apple computer as well as a phone, consumers will always have a way to locate the other. If you only have one Apple device, no problem. The “Find My Iphone” tracker can be accessed and used to pinpoint the location of the lost item from the internet.

Many other hardware makers including Samsung and now Google include tracking features on all new phones. In most cases, it is not possible to synch directly with a primary computer or tablet, as with Apple products, but internet connectivity helps make up for this.

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Is there an app to track a cell phone?

Finally, if a phone maker does not include a tracker in new products or if the one provided does not meet your standards, there are many apps available for download that will include the same functionality. Many of these include enhanced features to differentiate themselves from the standard options.

Family locator from Life360 is perfect for growing families. Kids think they need smart phones at younger and younger ages. Unfortunately, this does not make them any better at keeping track of them. For parents who are concerned about lost phones or want to keep track of their family, Life360 is a great option.

What about tracking and locating calls from other phones? It’s important to be able to track a phone call or track a phone number and thankfully there are many apps that allow users to easily do just that. Spy Phone and other service are available and the technology will turn your device into a high tech geo-locator. Make suspicious calls a thing of the past and download one today.

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What else to look for in a phone tracker

Most of these services are free so its important to consider what your needs are as well as the functionality of the app. One of the primary things to look for is visual presentation.

Many apps use different mapping programs with varying degrees of detail. This can be frustrating if you are trying to distinguish where your phone is from a number of possible buildings or floors in the same building.

What if you need to locate a phone that is inside of a house or apartment? Some GPS phone tracker apps will produce the level of detail that can allow users to distinguish between different rooms and displays the location of the object in precise detail, allowing the owner to easily pinpoint its location.

Another important consideration is ease of use. Losing a phone is frustrating so you don’t need the technology to make it even more so. Before committing to a service, test it out on multiple devices and use a good phone tracker. Many aspects of functionality will only reveal themselves to be sources of difficulty through trial. Online reviews can also be a great place for information when screening possible apps. Be sure to test out the service before committing as you won’t want to discover a problem as you’re frantically searching for a lost phone.

In addition to visual presentation and ease of use, affordability is an important consideration for many when choosing a service. While some of the services that require an initial payment or subscription do offer enhanced functionality, it may not be worth it to the average consumer to pay for them when the standard option that comes with the phone provides a similar service.

There’s never a convenient time to lose a phone. It always occurs at the worst possible moment but thankfully, there are now many services that can reduce the stress that results from such every day disaster by allowing users to track a phone or phone number.

From standard services that come with most new smartphones to specialty apps with unique features, there are trackers that will meet the needs of even the most forgetful phone tracker owner. Spend some time exploring the options that are out there, it will save you a lot more in the future.

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